Book Review- Survivor Kid

originally posted February 4, 2020

I was doing a Wilderness First Aid talk for a local homes school co-op and was introduced to this book. The class I was talking to were middle schoolers that were learning “survival science” and this was their reference text. As I flipped through it, I realized that it looked pretty good and ordered it right away. 

This was an easy read that took me about 2.5 hours. It is written by Denise Long and is 222 pages. What I liked about it, is that although it is geared towards kids, the book contained a lot of good information and it was not juvenile. There were nice hand drawn pictures that would captivate youth and adults alike. It is recommended for ages 9 and up and I would agree with that, but I would wait until they are closer to 11 unless your child is REALLY into the outdoors. 

Denise Long is a former search and rescue volunteer and her experience shows through with her writing. She gives personal encounters with wildlife and some of her missions. I found all of the information accurate except some slightly out of date medical information that was accurate when the book was published in 2011. 

I was surprised at how much I learned! There were several things that I did not know and looked up to verify. I learned that there are cottonmouth snakes in small parts of Illinois and Indiana, and that you can tell the temperature by how many times a cricket chirps in 15 seconds. I had also never even heard of a javelina, which is a pig-like animals found in the deserts of the United States. They are pretty nasty and will attack humans and dogs unprovoked. Don’t worry, I haven’t given away all of the books good info 😉

This book covers what to do if you get lost, building shelters, getting help, first aid and much more other useful information. It is great to read and keep on the shelf for quick reference. If you get it through Amazon, it can also be downloaded onto your device for on-the-go information. 

What cool things from the book did you learn?

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