hiking harrisburg pa: bullfrog valley pond to shank pond

March 18, 2020|Hike Review, Hiking PA, Outdoor Activities

Bullfrog Valley Pond
Bullfrog Valley Pond

I will have to admit that this will not be a great hike review. Mostly because I failed to read the hike description and went on a different trail! You would think that after my Wildwood Lake Hike (where I also didn’t read the description and went on a different trail) I would have learned my lesson. Guess not.


-Kid/Pet Friendly

-Lots of people

This is hike number 3 in the book 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles Harrisburg by Matt Willen. You can find this hike, Bullfrog Valley Pond to Shank Park on page 28. It was easy to get to, but parking was pretty limited. We went on a weekday and parking was full (granted it is during corona social distancing and people want to get out). 

Had I actually read the description, I would have realized that we were supposed to get off on the nature trail and not stay on the paved path. Riley and I ended up taking the paved path to the end and returned the same route for a total of 3 miles. We did have lunch at the fire pit where I think we were supposed to enter the nature trail. At that point, we were running out of time and had to return. 

There was a beautiful pond with ducks and geese. It is fed by a stream that little kids would love to play in when the weather is a bit warmer. Although, I have to say that a little girl had all of her Barbies out and they had a jet ski AND a boat and I don’t think Barbie minded the cold water. I wish I had more time so I could have played too. 

If you are in the Hersey Park area and want to get out and stretch you legs, this would be a good choice. An even better choice if you actually take the nature trail. 

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