CPR/AED/First Aid Homeschool 6th Grade and above




This class is for anyone that is in 6th grade or above. This is a two day class, with each day lasting 2.5-3 hours. This is a traditional CPR/AED/First Aid class, using a combination of videos, lecture, and hands on. For CPR/AED, we cover when and how to perform CPR and use an AED. There is plenty of hands-on time and each student is provided a manikin to use.Choking is also covered. The First Aid portion of the class covers: medical emergencies, bleeding control, orthopedic injuries, shock, and actions at an emergency. Each student will take home a first aid field guide and a first aid kit that they make in class. Students also receive a nationally recognized certification that is good for 2 years. Students may choose to take just one day (CPR/AED or First Aid for $45). If you are taking both CPR/AED and First Aid, select you class from Class Dates and also from “Day 2”. It is $65 for both.