ERT Perfect Kit


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We have put together what we believe is “the perfect first aid kit”. This kit is great for several people for many days. It has the right items and the right size items that you need.



ERT SOAP Note, Pencil, Mini Trauma Shears, Tweezers,  Mini Roll Duct Tape, Cravat, 3″ Ace Bandage


3 Sting Relief Pads, Burn Gel, 3 Hydrocortisone Cream, 3 Triple Antibiotic Ointment


3 4×4 Guaze Pads, 1 5×9, 2 3″ Roller Guaze, 8 Bandaids, 2 Knuckle Bandaids, 2 Fingertip Bandaids, two large bandaids, 1 large waterproof bandaid, 6 antiseptic wipes, 2 alcohol pads


3 Packs of two Ibuprofen, 2 packs of 2 Antihistamine, 2 packs of 2 Aspirin, 2 packs of 2 bismuth, 2 packs of 2 diamode, 2 paper themometers

*colors and brands may vary*


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