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UNSURPASSED ACCURACY: Getting an accurate temperature reading is essential for the proper care of you, your family, and your patients. The unique liquid crystal technology used by NexTemp® Ultra delivers unrivaled clinical accuracy in a very easy to use thermometer.A CLEAN THERMOMETER EVERYTIME: Since you will be throwing away the germs after use, you will not have to worry anymore! NexTemp® Ultra thermometers are single-use to avoid spreading germs or more serious infections. There will be no more confusion if the thermometer has been cleaned, calibrated, charged, or has good batteries. Plus, there will be less landfill waste than large, battery-powered digital and electronic thermometers.THE EASIEST THERMOMETER TO USE: Unlike many other thermometers, you will not have to worry about proper placement in the ear canal, or only getting surface-level temperature readings from an infrared thermometer. Also, there are no sanitary issues unlike digital and glass thermometers. There is no training required. Just place it under the tongue, wait 1 minute, read the results and then throw it away!PERFECT FOR ON-THE-GO LIFESTYLES: NexTemp® Ultra’s compact, innovative, portable, and versatile design makes them the perfect companion when traveling. They are ideal for a baby bag or gym bag, camping trips, first aid kits, or any other time you are away from home. They are also perfect for all healthcare facilities, schools, and businesses too! Now you can be prepared for when cold, fever or flu symptoms may arise, since NexTemp® Ultra is ready wherever you go!AMAZING VALUE: NexTemp® Ultra thermometers are less expensive than electronic, digital, infrared and temporal thermometers. Plus, you won’t have to worry about buying extra accessories to use it, like batteries. Now you can be prepared to fight back infection at a moment’s notice with NexTemp® Ultra.

  • How to use:

    Mouth Conditioning: Please makes sure to wait at least 15 minutes before taking temperature when exposed to hot/cold weather, or engaged in eating, drinking, or smoking. This will provide the most accurate temperature reading.

  • Insert Thermometer: Place dot-matrix end of the NexTemp thermometer in the mouth, underneath the tongue, as far back as possible into either side heat pocket. Press tongue down on the thermometer while keeping mouth closed. Wait at least 1 minute.
  • Read Temperature in Good Lighting: After 1 minute, remove the NexTemp thermometer. In good lighting, the last green dot to turn black is the correct temperature. NexTemp retains this temperature reading for 1 full minute upon removal from mouth.
  • Single-Use, Disposable, Unsurpassed Accuracy, Maximum Infection Control, Portable, Travel-Friendly, Great Value
  • OFFERS GREAT VALUE: NexTemp are less expensive than electronic, digital, infrared and temporal thermometers.


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