The lockdown: virtual adventure race part 1

April 18, 2020|Adventure Racing

Rootstock Racing "The Lockdown"
Rootstock Racing “The Lockdown”

Desperate times calls for desperate measures and creative ideas. Race directors (like everyone else right now) are having to make the difficult decision to cancel races. Many race companies are at risk of having to permanently close their doors. They are coming up with some unique ideas to keep business (and us!) moving. 

Rootstock Racing is a small company based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I have completed two races with them and am looking forward to more. I was actually planning on doing Adventure Race Philly: The Lost Goldmine in June. It was to be my first race since my ankle surgery (we have had to schedule a Wilderness First Aid Class that weekend to make up for all of our canceled classes). They have created a virtual adventure race, The Lockdown, to give us adventure junkies a chance to get out while following social distancing guidelines. 

Even before I got the race packet, I was nervous. With this race, you have 96 hours from the time you start to complete at least 21 hours of activities. With my lack of activity for the last month or so and my still healing ankle, this seemed a little much. I had decided that I would complete the activities, but maybe not in the 96 hours needed to be an official finisher. Once I got the packet, I had a change of heart.

It is still very overwhelming, but maybe doable. There are 8 different “legs” of this race.

-3 hours of trail running/trekking

-3 hours of bushwacking

-3 hours of mountain biking

-5 hours of multi-discipline 

-2 hours of something that is not running/biking/napping

-1 hour of weight training

-4 hour road bike

-Find 10 geocaches

You can do these activities in any order and combine them however you choose. You pick the locations and make adjustments to meet your jurisdictions social distancing regulations. Unlike most adventure races that encourage you to work in teams, this is a solo activity or with people that you live with (and already share cooties). 

I am hoping to start on Monday. My plans might not go as I hoped though (go figure). We went for an easy hike on Thursday so I could get everything moving, and I sprained my ankle (yes, the ankle I had surgery on). It was incredibly painful and I am not sure I will be ready by Monday. I may have to delay by a day or so, but I am also hoping for a good weather stretch. 

I have it mapped out and am excited to explore some new places and old favorites. 

Monday- Bushwacking in Patapsco State Park Hilton area. They have a permeant orienteering course. Next I will  head to the Liberty Reservoir for the trek and geocaches. 

Tuesday- I will do the multi-discipline in Blackhills Regional Park. I plan on mountain biking, followed by kayaking, and finishing whatever time I have left with more mountain biking. 

Wednesday- I will do my mountain biking out at Schaeffer Farms then back home for the 2 hour “not napping” activity. I will work on the trail that we are building. 

Thursday- I will do my road biking in Gettysburg. There are several features that we are supposed to find and Gettysburg fits the bill. I have downloaded a bike tour that will work. My final activity will be the weight training at home. 

Usually I push hard whenever I am out. I feel like I am always training, or that it is cheating to take breaks. I am hoping to have a different mind-set on this adventure. I plan on taking this at my pace and as my ankle will let me. I hope to be an “official finisher”, but will be happy just to get out of the house. Stay tuned to see how I do. 

If you are interested in registering for this race, click here. The cost is $35 and includes a tee shirt. All extra money will go to COVID-19 relief funds. 

**Update: I just re-read the information on the race and realized that you have until May 31st (not May 1st like I thought). I will be holding off for a couple of weeks to give my ankle more healing time. **

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