NICA Approved 8-Hour First Aid Class




This NICA approved 8-hour first aid class is geared towards NICA Level 2 and 3 coaches. While we will discuss some NICA specific things, anyone that mountain bikes can benefit from this class and you do not need to be associated with NICA to participate. This class runs from 8:30am-4:30 pm. There is an optional CPR/AED component that will immediately follow the main class and run  until about 6:30pm. All NICA classes will be reserved for NICA coaches only until two weeks before the class, when we will then open it up to the public. If it says “Private Class”, please wait until that is removed before you register. If your organization would like to schedule their own private class, please contact us.

We will cover: Pre-ride informations, Medical Emergencies, Basic Patient Assessments and Documentation, Bleeding Control, Traumatic Emergencies and First Aid Kits. It will be a combination of lecture and hands-ons as well as some mini-scenarios. Each student will receive a two-year NICA First Aid Certification and a First Aid/CPR Booklet.

The instructors for this class are the same people that provide medical support at the MICL races and have an extensive background in MTB and MTB injures.