CPR/AED/First Aid Awareness 3rd-5th Grade




This class is geared towards 3rd-5th graders. This is a three hour class. For the CPR/AED class, students will learn when and how to perform CPR and use and AED. We will also cover how to help someone that is choking. They will have plenty of opportunity to practice on manikins. For the first aid portion of the class, we will review when and how to call 911 as well as the information 911 will request. We will cover how to identify and treat several medical emergencies, controlling bleeding, orthopedic injuries and burns. Each student will make their own first aid kit to take home. The discussions and practical sessions in this class will be age appropriate. The students WILL NOT receive certification for this class, but will get a certificate of completion. This class is student-drop off. You can choose to take just one (CPR/AED or First Aid for $25). Please see our COVID precautions on our homepage.